Torch-On Roofing

The torch-on roof is one of the most common roofing types and is installed by using a torch to melt asphalt material directly onto the roof of your structure. Because torch-on roofing creates a waterproof barrier, it is often utilized on flat roofs where rain and snow can collect and remain for extended periods.


With R&D Roofing, you can expect a significant life for your torch-on roof. Because of our expert installation and asphalt’s durability, it’s a common for homeowners to get up to 20 years out of their torch-on roof.

Easy Installation

Installation of a torch-on roof is as simple as rolling out of layers of bitumen and torching it onto the roof’s surface. As layers are applied, they increase in durability ad provide a waterproof barrier.

Easy Maintenance

Although torch-on roofing is puncture and tear resistant, many customers may need to make modifications to their roof. Thankfully, this is as simple as taking sheets of material, cutting them to shape, and applying.

Warranty & Insurance

At R&D Roofing, we’re proud of the work we do and offer guaranteed customer satisfaction every time. For more information on our warranty and insurance, contact us today.

Responsive & Responsible

Our roofing needs have been very well cared for while items requiring special attention are handled efficiently and without hesitation. The company succeeds beyond our expectations and has laid the foundation for an enduring relationship of trust and reliability.”

– Sandra Jones, Sawmill Restaurant Group

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