Built-Up Roofing

Built-up roofing is one of the most popular materials used on flat and low-slope roofs. Built-up roofing is composed of multiple layers of bitumen that are applied on top of each other and finished with an aggregate layer or finishing coasting. R&D Roofing Ltd. specializes in built-up roofing and provides customers with a low maintenance an durable product that offers excellent waterproof protection.


The composition of built-up roofing provides a great way to protect your structure from expensive water damage.

Low Maintenance

Built-up roofing is composed of roofing asphalt and asphalt felts that are interwoven to form a roofing membrane. This makes it durable and features low-cost maintenance over its life.


Let’s face it, Albertans put up with a lot of extreme weather, and so do our structures. Built-up roofs are durable as they are easy to maintain and waterproof.

Warranty & Insurance

At R&D Roofing, we’re proud of the work we do and offer guaranteed customer satisfaction every time. For more information on our warranty and insurance, contact us today.

Attention to Detail

“Your crew performed the jobs within the time scope and dollar amount you indicated on your bid. In addition, your crew maintained and cleaned up the job site exceptionally well.”

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